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Amendments to the Rotary Code of Policies, Article 42

Thank you for the policy-related feedback and recommendations brought forth by many Rotary Fellowships over the past few months, which helped direct the Global Networking Groups Committee’s discussion at their in-person January meeting. The RI Board of Directors approved a number of amendments to the Rotary Code of Polices, Article 42, which offer Rotary Fellowships greater flexibility in their activities, enhance recognition criteria for prospective Fellowships, and reemphasize the protection of youth. You will also notice simplification and improved flow throughout the Article.

Review all of the policy amendments and access the current Rotary Code of Policies.

Per the Board’s request, the general secretary is updating training curricula and resources for current and incoming district and club leaders with an emphasis on Global Networking Groups’ direct support of Rotary’s strategic plan, including positioning Rotary Fellowships as important opportunities for member engagement.  

Rotary Marks
Rotary Fellowships are reminded to review their visual identities and ensure compliance with Rotary Marks, Article 33 of the Rotary Code of Policies. Fellowships not in compliance with current policies will be contacted in the coming weeks with guidelines on updating their visual identities.